Rejoice! An unexpected snow storm provides the season’s inaugural donning of my mama’s mink. The rarity of weather inclement enough to wear my inheritance is such cause for celebration, by the time this photo was snapped, I’d already shoveled the walkways twice. Never mind the sight/fright I was to the paper delivery fellow at 5:30 am.

Living where the average yearly moisture amounts to 13″, I tend to greet snow flakes like a visit from Elvis. Unlike when my sons were young and my snow euphoria was child oriented, in their adult absence, I focus on the aspects of snow that are personally pleasing: clearing a walkway and eating snow ice cream.

Basic Snow Ice Cream Recipe: A simple stirring together of snow, sugar, vanilla extract and milk. For a creamier, richer taste, replace the sugar and milk with sweetened condensed milk.
The admonition to only eat of the second snow fall is not without its point, but where a second snow isn’t likely, the only caution to which I cater is don’t eat yellow snow.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

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