About The Apron Book

The Apron Book reminds us of everything we once loved about aprons and then shows us how to make them ourselves. Each page is a delightful montage of full-color photographs of new and vintage aprons, tidbits of advice, recipes and tips for collecting and preserving these textile artifacts. You’ll also find the images of apron lovers past and present and their apron stories, plus four basic apron patterns, detailed and illustrated sewing instructions, and a host of variations for sewers of all skill levels. As a bonus, the Basic Bib Pattern is packaged separately and tucked within the book’s pages!

The Apron Book

There is no other book like The Apron Book, which celebrates the humble yet lovely apron and the spirit of the men and women who wore them, and at the same time provides the inspiration and the tools to reinvent aprons for the here and now.

According to EllynAnne, aprons don’t hold us back, they take us back…the very reason for the apron’s status as today’s hottest collectible.

“What is the allure of aprons? They tell the stories of our domestic lives. As you wander through these pages…you may get misty eyed as you read these women’s words. Or you may be inspired to sew your own aprons. …Or you just might be inspired to start your own collection. And you may find yourself tied to EllynAnne’s apron strings…in the most positive way imaginable. Enjoy!” ~ Ellen Levine, from The Apron Book’s Foreword.


  1. I love this book! And I am very lucky to have lots of my Grandma’s old aprons…I don’t think I have ever seen her without one on. I know I am even more lucky, because that is about the ONLY thing my family ever saved-her aprons and some of her crocheted doilies.

    I made my very first apron when I was about 7 years old…I was into purses before that, lol!…and my mom saved that one, too. It is a half apron, and I wrote in big letters on it-something about “I love Brian Biggs!” ROFL! Can’t wait for my grandchildren to get that one!

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