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The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post: Gift of Kindness at Thanksgiving

“Nine years ago, as I was preparing for my family’s traditional turkey dinner, I suddenly thought about a neighbor. Her family had recently experienced a tragedy, and their Thanksgiving was not going to be about pumpkin pies.

Spur of the moment, I wrapped a loaf of bread in an apron and slipped a handwritten card in the pocket…”

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The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post: Victory Apron Celebrates the USO

“As the icon of America’s mothers, the apron symbolized the comfort and security of the home, with the red, white and blue Victory Apron a reminder of motherhood and the American home as patriotic symbols worth fighting for.”

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Tampa Bay TimesTampa Bay Times: Tie One On Day encourages us to think about friends in need

“Plenty of people need extra TLC to get through the long holiday season. People grieving, folks who are ailing or simply friends who might be a little blue.

Some of those people could be your neighbors.

That’s why EllynAnne Geisel created Tie One On Day (… An Apron of Course!) to encourage people to show a little kindness to others the day before Thanksgiving.”

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The Denver Post – Colorado Table:

The Denver Post - Colorado Table

The Washington PostThe Washington Post: Aprons: simple to make, easy to personalize, full of nostalgia

Tie One On Day (an apron, of course!) and EllynAnne featured in AP apron piece.

Stamford article

CountryWoman magazine April_May 2013 (pgs 26-30) features EllynAnne’s apron love.

Country Woman 2013
Country Woman cover 2013

Tampa Bay TimesTampa Bay Times: Vintage aprons and modern re-creations are the new fashion statement

“EllynAnne Geisel may be the nation’s foremost authority on aprons — and the strings that bind us to the women who nourished us.”

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Oct./Nov 2012 issue features EllynAnne’s inventive vintage sewing kits, pages 62-65


Sew News - Oct-Nov 2012 issue

CountryWoman magazine celebrates Tie One On Day™ 2012


Country Women Magazine - Oct Nov 2012 cover

Article in Country Living magazine December/January 2012 issue:

Show Towel Showdown – EllynAnne shares insight and toweling from her vintage show towel collection.

Country Living Dec 2011 - Jan 2012

Download a PDF scan of the article PDF FILE

Sew It All DVD Sew It All Season 1 DVD

Sew It All Season One / Awesome Aprons: EllynAnne Geisel shows how to make an apron using vintage linens, featuring a ruffled border.

Seattle Weekly Aug 24, 2011: Cooks of All Sizes Hot for Hostess Aprons

Hannah Raskin, a reporter for the Seattle Weekly, interviewed EllynAnne for her thoughts on Sur La Table’s new line of kitchen couture

NPR On PointNPR On Point – August 2, 2011:
Guest EllynAnne Geisel shares her experience at the inaugural Denver County Fair

Listen: [audio:]

EllynAnne and Apron Chronicles appear in a beautiful four-page color spread in the March/April 2011 issue of Texas Live Magazine


Texas Live Mag

The American Interest ( March/April 2011 issue.

The Apron Chronicles by EllynAnne Geisel:

The American Interest

December 22, 2010 – EllynAnne was interviewed on the Creative Mojo radio show. Listen below:

More info: and

Denver PostDenver PostOct 23, 2010 :
  EllynAnne sews an “Awesome Apron” on “Sew It All,” a new PBS show airing 2011.

Article in the AARP Magazine – Nov/Dec 2010 Issue:

AARP Magazine

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Journal & CourierJournal & Courier Aug 29, 2010 :
  EllynAnne Geisel an apron expert and aficionado shares the history of the apron in America.

Dallas ObserverDallas ObserverAug 9, 2010The Opinionated Apron

“…One of the things about opinionated aprons is they’re mass-produced,” Geisel explains, “so there’s safety in that. You’re not standing out there alone saying ‘For this, I went to college?'”

The Globe and MailThe Globe And MailJuly 16, 2010Stylish aprons make a comeback

The Virginian PilotThe Virginian-PilotJuly 13, 2010Domestic Renaissance fuels Apron Revival

    Alice Brown hopes to launch a revival.

“I think aprons should make a comeback,” she said. She’s been sewing and wearing aprons for years – to cook, to garden, to clean, to paint. She has aprons for holidays – St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – and for just about every activity” …

EllynAnne Geisel doesn’t know Brown, but they would probably get along as well as a pair of apron strings. Geisel, who lives in Colorado, is the author of “The Apron Book,” “Apronisms” and “The Kitchen Linens Book.” She celebrates aprons, items that she calls “the armor of domesticity.” …

… On hearing about Brown’s nostalgia for aprons, Geisel said, “I thought it was so fascinating that this woman is sewing aprons from her grandmother’s pattern because, in the apron book, I quoted women who remembered their mothers and grandmothers sewing aprons as a way of augmenting their incomes.”

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal SentinelMilwaukee Wisconsin Journal SentinelMay 28, 2010Aprons are heating up homes again

“Aprons are soooo back!” whoops EllynAnne Geisel, author of “Apronisms: Pocket Wisdom for Every Day” (Andrews McMeel, 2008). “When I saw that Charlotte (Kristin Davis in Sex and the City 2), the sophisticated icon for Mommyhood, was wearing one, it was wonderful!”

Los Angeles Times LA TimesMay 6, 2010Aprons: Go ahead and tie one on

Aprons are back in vogue (Kirk McKoy, Los Angeles Times)"The garment no longer symbolizes women's relegation to the kitchen but their delight in being there."

… Author and apron archaeologist EllynAnne Geisel, whose website,, is dedicated to celebrating aprons, kitchen linens and the women who used them, sees the renewed interest in aprons as something that goes deeper, something spiritual. Something that allows us to make peace with the past.

“It’s a connector, it’s one item that ties us to women everywhere, across time,” says Geisel, who makes, sells and collects aprons and brings many of them along with her when she travels the country for speaking engagements.

And wherever she goes, the women line up and the memories pour out. “It just makes people melt. They talk about aprons and suddenly they’re talking about their mothers and their childhood.”

“Aprons don’t hold us back — they take us back,” she added. “They honor women of an earlier generation. And those women were doing the best they could.”

    Additionally: Check the LA Times (apron) photogallery.   EllynAnne’s photographs # 4, 5, 6

Houston ChronicleHouston ChronicleJan 20, 2010Aprons: Wrapped in history

“The apron now stands for a lot of things,” says EllynAnne Geisel, author of The Apron Book and one of the nation’s best-known collectors. “It’s a storytelling vehicle. It’s domestic armor. It’s a memory trigger….”

Additionally: View the photo gallery – Aprons: a comeback

Art DailyArtdaily.orgDecember 20, 2009

EllynAnne to Tie One On… in Myrtle Beach, SC   » Click to read the article

Washington Times The Washington Times – Nov 4, 2009

CITIZEN JOURNALISM: Exhibit covers aprons     » Click here to read the article

The cover of Country magazine - click to view larger

Country LivingNovember 2009     Country Living and EllynAnne…TieOne On! Pages 53-55

The cover of Creative Machine Embroidery magazine - click to view larger
Creative Machine EmbroideryNovember 2009

Creative Machine Embroidery sponsors EllynAnne’s Tie One On Day™ ! Share your stories at and at , enter to win autographed copies of EllynAnne’s books.

Montecito JournalAugust 25, 2009
EllynAnne is featured on the cover and in a 2-page article in the Vol 15 Issue 32 (Aug 20-27, 2009) of Montecito Journal.


PDF Files: Cover Page   Article Page 1   Article Page 2


On or before the first of August, 450,000 copies of BookPage’s review will arrive in more than 3,000 subscribing bookstores and public libraries nationwide, who will then distribute BookPage to the avid readers who patronize their stores/libraries.

» Download the PDF FilePDF File

Cooking with Paula Deen – July/August 2009 issue feature article – EllynAnne Woman of Note (click to view larger)

Paula Deen magazine cover - click to view larger Paula Deen magazine article - click to view larger Paula Deen magazine article  - click to view larger Paula Deen magazine article  - click to view larger

Romantic Homes magazine – July 2009 issue featured article on The Kitchen Linens Book (click to view larger)

Romantic Homes magazine cover - click to view larger Romantic Homes magazine article - click to view larger

Denver Post
The Denver PostMay 9, 2009
The Kitchen Linens Book and The Apron Book are listed on the Denver Post’s local best sellers list!   » Click to view the list

The cover of Southern Lady magazine - click to view larger

Southern Lady May/June 2009 issue features The Kitchen Linens Book

Denver Post

Denver PostApril 29, 2009  Stories woven in vintage cloth

April 23, 2009 – EllynAnne’s appearance on ABC-TV/San Fransisco’s View From The Bay :

    » Link to video

Dallas Observer

Dallas ObserverApril 8, 2009   City of Ate blog – 10 Questions : EllynAnne Geisel

The News Press

The News PressApril 2, 2009
“Vintage Linens Worth Cherishing” Read EllynAnne’s interview and book review here

Sun Herald

Sun HeraldMarch 19, 2009

Great Review of The Kitchen Linens Book~ read it here

Lulu's Vintage

Lulu’s VintageMarch 15, 2009

EllynAnne’s Vintage Style Council Interview. Read it here!

Kansas City

The Kansas City StarMarch 9, 2009

The Kitchen Linens Book a must for “anyone with an appetite for vintage ware.” Read the full review. pdf file

Indie Wedding Guide

Indie Wedding GuideMarch 4, 2009

» The Vintage Indie Wedding Guide welcomes Special Guest and contributor EllynAnne

Kansas City

The Kansas City StarFebruary 14, 2009

» EllynAnne speaks to dishtoweling and her new book

Apronologyapronology Magazine Premiere Issue February 2009

“Aprons are Hot!” Jenny Doh, Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing

EllynAnne’s original Domesti-Chic apron design and her artist’s statement are featured in the premiere issue of apronology Magazine, a Stampington & Company publication.

Click on the thumbnails below to view (will open in new window)

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Click to read article

Chicken Soup For The Soul

Chicken Soup For The Soul

EllynAnne’s essay, “I Never Saw My Mother Do a Sit-up” was selected as a Chicken Soup for the Soul favorite. Originally published in Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman’s Soul, 2004, it is included in the newly released Chicken Soup for the Soul: Like Mother Like Daughter. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Chicken Soup for the Soul, which is highlighting some of its very best stories.

Food ChannelThe Food ChannelNovember 26, 2008

Tie One On Day” Offers a Way to Give Back

Tie On an Apron and Spread a Little Cheer

You probably didn’t realize it, but Tie One On Day is almost here. Slipped up on you again, didn’t it? In fact, Wednesday, November 26, 2008, will mark the third annual observance of this event, celebrated each year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

EllynAnne Geisel, author of The Apron Book: Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort and Apronisms: Pocket Wisdom for Every Day is the force behind this relatively new and giving tradition…
» Read the full article

Kansas CityThe Kansas City Star November 26, 2008

Aprons are once again welcome in the kitchen

Aprons are suddenly back.

They were popular in the ’50s when women were sewing aprons with fun fabrics and flounces. But in the ’60s they went away — for decades, says EllynAnne Geisel, author of The Apron Book: Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort (Andrews McMeel, $17).

“They didn’t just go away, they were thrown away,” Geisel said in a phone interview from her Colorado home. “They were considered symbols of holding working women back.”…
» Full article

Boomer Women's World Newsletter

EllynAnne, the Apron Memories® website and Tie One On Day™ all got a mention in the latest Boomer Women’s World Newsletter.

They say…>

EllynAnne Geisel
EllynAnne announces the launch of her Tie One On Day™, an annual opportunity to Tie One On—an apron, of course! and share your bounty with someone in need of physical or spiritual sustenance. As encouragement to your assistance in the promotion of and its message of sharing and gratefulness, Andrews McMeel, my wonderful publisher, is offering 5 copies of The Apron Book and 5 copies of Apronisms in a giveaway, along with 5 vintage aprons from my very own personal collection! Enter HERE!

Shop Across Texas Badge Apron Memories® selected as this holiday season’s Must Have apron resource at, THE shopping resource to the 205 million travelers to Texas each year. November and December’s Holiday Gift Guide is an annual feature, drawing visitors from across the word, looking for unique gift ideas.

From their website »

Best Aprons for Thanksgiving

EllynAnne Geisel is the designer behind these cute and one-of-a kind aprons. You can see her collection on exhibit, called Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections at the Grace Museum in Abeline, TX.

Her aprons are nationally recognized and have even been worn by Bree Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives.

Talk about the perfect accessory for Thanksgiving Day!

Romantic Homes magazine

Romantic Homes magazine August 2008

EllynAnne’s Apron Memories® Deni design appears in Romantic Homes, August issue

Gifts and Decorative Accessories magazine

Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine July 2008

Page 60

As part of an article about impulse buys, Apronisms receives a nice mention and photo.

Tuscon Citizen

Tuscon Citizen May 8, 2008

Humble apron takes reader back to earlier, happy times

“An apron can sometimes be more than just an apron.”

Denver Post

The Denver Post – Colorado Sunday March 15, 2008
Out There this week

The apron adages “Apronisms: Pocket Wisdom For Every Day” by EllynAnne Geisel (Andrews McMeel) Kitchen acumen. Pueblo author EllynAnne Geisel, whose national art exhibit “The Apron Chronicles” celebrates American kitsch and kitchen…” » Link

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  Pittsburgh Post Gazette – March 6th, 2008

Author spills all on this homey cover-up
Ellyn Ann Geisel has long apron strings, and not only does she like that, she encourages it…

Vogue Magazine - click to view page

  Vogue Magazine – March 2008

EllynAnne’s Smoochie apron was used on a Vogue mag photoshoot .  
Click on the image to the left to view the page, or click here.

Tulsa World
  Tulsa World – February 23, 2008

A story told in aprons
“Author comes to Tulsa for book signing.”

Colorado Expression magazine - click to view article   Colorado Expression Magazine Feb/March 2008

Double page feature on Apron Chronicles, EllynAnne and her aprons.  

Click on the image to the left to view the article, or click here.

Orlando Sentinel  Orlando Sentinel – December 23, 2007

Memories tied to American apron strings
“Nostalgic collectors of Americana embrace these once-practical items that our mothers used to wear.”  The Pueblo Chieftain Online – November 20, 2007

Tie one on -A new tradition: Wrap, write, deliver gift of kindness:

Denver Post  The Denver Post – November 18, 2007

Snippet from Colorado Sunday: Tie One On Day, Pull on the Apron Strings :

St Joseph News Press  St Joseph News-Press – November 11, 2007

Tie one on
“Aprons being rediscovered as practical and fun hostess wear .”

Tie one on: Aprons make ‘kitsch-en fashion’ crafty and fun

Press & Sun-Bulletin - Binghamton,NY,USA
… author of “The Apron Book: Making Wearing and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort” (Andrews McNeel, 2007, $16.95) calls “today’s hottest collectible. …

Port Arthur News

The Port Arthur News– August 8, 2007

Apron book offers nostalgic ties to the past. Remember your grandmother’s apron? A new book recalls aprons of old and gives a pattern for the new.

Colorado Humanities– July 25, 2007: THE APRON BOOK is a finalist in the Non-Fiction Category for the 2007 Colorado Book Award.

Jen Long
Colorado Book Awards
Colorado Humanities &Colorado Center for the Book
1490 Lafayette Street, Suite 101, Denver, CO 80218
303.894.7951 ext 21,

Salt Lake TribuneSalt Lake Tribune– July 11, 2007
Amazing aprons – Kitchen coverup makes a comeback.

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion

Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion– July, 2007

Feature Article:
Ties To The Past – An apron collector finds that if you listen closely, a vintage apron will tell you stories.

Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle– June 30, 2007

Apron strings – Utilitarian garment makes a comeback as an accessory and collectible

Rutland HeraldRutland Herald– May 27, 2007
“Collectors feel the urge to tie one on”

Independent Publisher

IPPY Awards Winner !May 18, 2007

The Apron Book was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Screen capture of the announcement on the IPPY Awards website:

Ippy Awards screencap

More information:– May 13, 2007
“Tying one on. Aprons, especially vintage ones, come wrapped in nostalgia”

Times Record– May 12, 2007
” Apron memories prompt stories. EllynAnne Geisel’s kitchen attire collection bring reminders of past”

Independent Publisher Online Magazine

Ippy Awards semi-finalists – May 9, 2007

THE APRON BOOK has been selected as an IPPY (Independent Publishers Book Awards) Awards Semi-Finalist. It was nominated under the How-To (Crafts/Hobby) category.
Final results will be announced on May 18th.

More information:

Country Woman

Country Woman Magazine – May 5, 2007

The Apron Book is featured in the May 2007 issue of Country Woman magazine.
Website »

Also: The Apron Book is available for purchase through Country Woman’s Country Store. » Link

Wild Blue Yonder Magazine

APRON CHRONICLES is the feature Arts & Entertainment article in Frontier Airlines in-flight magazine, Wild Blue Yonder. March.April 07 issue, page 22– March 6, 2007

“Tie one on. Aprons coming back as women wrap themselves in nostalgia”

Foreword Magazine

ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year AwardsFebruary 22, 2007

The Apron Book is a finalist in the ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year.

More info:

New York Times
New York Times (Travel) article. – January 21, 2007

In Jackson, Wyo., an Art Scene Pushes Beyond the Old Frontier

National ExaminerNational Examiner– January 22, 2007
Issue No. 4, 2007. EllynAnne and The Apron Book are featured. – pdf  

The Salem NewsThe Salem News– January 12, 2007
“Tying one on Aprons: From ’50s relic to today’s hot hostess-wear”

Deseret NewsDeseret News– January 12, 2007
The ties that bind. The ultimate symbol of pre-‘women’s lib’ days is enjoying a magnificent revival”

Rocky Mountain News
Rocky Mountain News Book Review – Dec 8, 2006

RMN Book Editor Patti Thorn’s Top Ten List includes The Apron Book.
» Read the review (scroll down to near the bottom and look for “Best pick for nostalgia lovers”)

AARP Bulletin  AARP & Bulletin– December, 2006
An article about EllynAnne written by Sharon Peters will appear in the December issue of AARP’s Bulletin.
More info:

Times Dispatch Richmond,VA – Nov 22,2006
‘Apron Lady’ ties on a good story. A feature article about EllynAnne and the aprons as well as the Apron Chronicles:

Journal Star  Lincoln Journal Star– November 19, 2006
A feature article written by Erin Andersen about EllynAnne and the aprons:

Rocky Mountain News  Rocky Mountain News, Colorado. – Nov 16, 2006
Tie-on fashion. Make a statement while making Thanksgiving dinner.

Washington Post  Washington Post – October 26, 2006
A Fashion Show In the Kitchen:

Sun Sentinel  Sun Sentinel, South Florida – October 25, 2006
Nostalgia sparks exhibit, book, and aprons: pdf

Food and Wine  Food & Wine Magazine– November 2006 Issue
Five reasons to wear an apron:

Publishers Weekly 

The Apron Book’s debut and press tea party – October 10, 2006
Hosted by Ellen Levine in the Good Housekeeping dining room, Hearst Tower, New York City, 5-7 pm.

You've Got To Read This Book  Aprons, Belles and Literacy – August 24, 2006

A Girl Raised In The South, G.R.I.T.S. EllynAnne Geisel is “just a tad” excited her story of the book that influenced her life is one of 55 vignettes in Jack Canfield and Gay Hendrick’s new publication, You’ve GOT To Read This Book! (HarperCollins, August 2006)… pdf

Good Housekeeping  Good Housekeeping – August 2006

In her column, On My Mind, editor-in-chief Ellen Levine touts EllynAnne and The Apron Book: Making, Wearing and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort. Ellen Levine wrote the book’s Foreword.

Denver Post 

The Denver Post – July 2006
Aprons and memories by Ellen Sweets, Denver Post Staff Writer. Colorado Springs – Ellyn Anne Geisel is a cross between an eagle-eyed observer of social change and the sister from another planet, with a substantial dollop of steel magnolia thrown in… pdf

Tie One On ! Title=  Tie One On Day!!
– November 22, 2006 (Annually, the 4th Wednesday)

McGraw Hill, publisher of the Chases Calendar of Events, announces it has accepted EllynAnne Geisel’s submission, Tie One On Day. Description: Tie One On and celebrate the humble apron and the spirit of women of earlier generations who donned the universal symbol of home, family and mothering as the uniform of their daily wardrobe and helped make America the great country it is today… pdf

Victory apron  1943 Victory Apron Still a Patriotic Icon – July 1, 2006
… As the icon of America’s mothers, the apron symbolized the comfort and security of the home, with the red, white and blue Victory Apron a reminder of motherhood and the American home as patriotic symbols worth fighting for…
» Large pic of the Victory Apron pattern

Bree's apron  “DESPERATE” Domestic Diva Ties One On – April 2006

When Desperate Housewife Bree Van De Kamp ties one on, apron designers pray it will be their apron she’s wearing. On March 26th, 2006, designer EllynAnne Geisel’s prayer was answered… pdf

Star Telegram  Humble Apron Channels Universal Memories – March 6, 2006
In an expanded tribute to apron wearers, Star-Telegram Art and Design Critic Gaile Robinson devotes the Sunday, March 6, 2006 Living section to the traveling exhibit, Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections… pdf
» Read her insightful review

  The Women’s Museum – February 9, 2006

TWM Shows Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections
The Women’s Museum, A Smithsonian Institution, today announced that it is premiering a traveling exhibit to North Texas—one that pairs powerful photography with real world stories and sentimental ties to the past—namely 200 vintage aprons… pdf

  The Apron Lady Does Dallas – February 8, 2006

Wearing her signature pearls and Smoochie apron, EllynAnne Geisel a/k/a the Apron Lady greeted the Dallas press February 8 at the Women’s Museum: An Institute for the Future and the national debut touring site of her traveling exhibit, Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections… pdf

  Chicken Soup for the Soul – Winter 2005

While other girls were making plans to be secretaries, teachers and nurses, EllynAnne Geisel wanted to be just like Harriet Nelson when she grew up… pdf

  The Wall Street Journal – August 12, 2005

Once Dowdy, The Apron Ascends to Costly Kitchen Couture
Aprons, which fell largely out of favor with the rise of the women’s movement in the 1960’s, are enjoying a renaissance as a retro-chic fashion accessory… pdf

  Country Living – June 2005

“Long time ago, people weren’t dressed until they put on an apron”, recalls 94-year-old Ada Florence Ashford, one of 46 contributors to the traveling exhibit “Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections”… pdf

  The Denver Post – September 20, 2004

Everyone who walks through the door gets an apron. House rules. The guests on a late-summer afternoon are mostly strangers to each other. They are ushered into the backyard, where, with waists wrapped in cotton, they take their place at the table. A catered lunch is served; napkins and tablecloth freshly ironed… pdf

Time Magazine

Time Magazine, August 30, 2004:

  Good Housekeeping – June, 2004
EllynAnne featured in Real Lives

» Video & Audio