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Tie One On Day 2015

“Women clad in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.”
November 25, 2015 - Tie One On Day

Tie One On…Give from the heart…Then give thanks

On the eve of Thanksgiving some twelve years ago, I wrapped a pie in an apron with a handwritten note of sympathy slipped into the pocket, and delivered it to a neighbor experiencing more heartbreak than should be. Her response of delight and warmth was unexpected and very touching.

In offering a small gesture of recognition to the family’s situation, I was surprised at the unexpected joyfulness that I experienced. The win-win of the exchange was so memorable, I knew it had to be shared. So I created TIE ONE ON DAY™.

Celebrated on the eve of Thanksgiving – Wednesday, November 25 this year – TIE ONE ON DAY is an annual opportunity to share our good fortune by wrapping a loaf of bread or other baked good in domestic cloth and tuck in a sweet note; then tie one on…an apron, of course! and deliver the offering to a neighbor, friend or charity in need of a bit of kindness.


To encourage y’all adding TIE ONE ON DAY to your holiday tradition and embracing its message of sharing and gratefulness, a dedicated group of generous SPONSORS are putting some fabulous “give” into the TOODAY 2015 Goodie Giveaway!

To enter the TIE ONE ON DAY Giveaways, leave a comment at the end of this blog posting, sharing with others how you plan to be a part of this year’s TOOD. Your comment is your entry into the November 24th drawing for the giveaways.   Four (4) Giveaway winners will be randomly selected and contacted via their provided email.

*TIE ONE ON DAY Giveaways are open only to entrants living within the United States

Thanksgiving is a holiday known for recollection, making new traditions and sharing. The apron symbolizes these concepts. A small bit of your time will make someone else’s day brilliantly brighter. And the more who participate, the more who receive. Such is the win-win of TOOD.

So please join me and tie one on…an apron, of course! and through Tie One On Day, make a difference in someone’s life.

Tie One On…Give from the heart…Then give thanks


To accompany your Tie One On Day delivery, this complimentary note card is available to download HERE.

November 25, 2015 - Tie One On Day

The more who participate in TOODay, the more who receive!






Five years ago, I embarked on a personal campaign to put the “give” back into Thanksgiving through a gesture of kindness. Little more than wrapping a baked good within an apron and writing a note of encouragement, I was unprepared for the uplifting feeling I experienced upon delivering the bundle to a neighbor going through a difficult time. Such is National Tie One On Day a win-win for giver and receiver.

To encourage your participation in National Tie One On Day™, a fabulous group of sponsors are putting some “give” into the NTOOD Goodie Bag Giveaway! Five national winners will be selected to receive from

American Sewing Guild, a special edition tote bag benefitting the Maliki Mums in Kenya, Africa and membership package

Colonial Patterns/Aunt Martha’s Transfers , an assortment of transfers, toweling, embroidery floss, needles and hoops and aprons

Creative Machine Embroidery and SewNews, CME and SewNews magazines

Apron-iCity and FabShop, a fabric lovers gift pack

Simplicity, a copy of Simplicity Pattern’s Simply the Best Home Dec Sewing

Haralee®, a $25 gift certificate

IceMilk Aprons, the Rolling Pin Oatmeal waist apron

Mary Mulari Productions, Sew-Green Pattern and a personalized copy of Appliques with Style

MikWright, a MikWright apron and 1 dozen MikWright greeting cards

Andrews McMeel Publishing, signed copies of The Apron Book, The Kitchen Linens Book and Apronisms

National Association of Baby Boomer Women, a membership package

Pillowcasegram & Other Things™, an apron and $14.95 gift certificate

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Stampington & Company, issue 3 of apron●ology magazine

To enter the NTOOD 2010 Goodie Bag Giveaway, just leave your email address and a comment here – I’d so love to know how you will be participating in National Tie One On Day™, what you’ll be making, baking or sewing, the beneficiary of your act of kindness, how you’re putting the give back into Thanksgiving…that sort of thing!

The five Goodie Bag winners will be selected early Thanksgiving morning using an automated random number chooser. I’ll be contacting the winners via email – without an email, however, another winner will be selected.

Thank you, thank you for participating in National Tie One On Day™, for spreading the word and posting the National Tie One On Day logo on your site.

xxea and NTOODay sponsors

Women in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.”


Tweaking Tradition

A holiday rolls around, and I immediately begin searching for new recipes to shake up the traditional table spread, I of the mind set, that recognizing the occasion is tradition enough. 
Since only the holidays most widely celebrated are treated to massive recipe makeovers or menu innovations by the media and its celebrity chefs, my holiday, Passover, receives little attention when it comes to recipe reinvention of the seder particulars.  
A late start left me with only a day and ahalf to devote to the endeavor, and after scrolling through dozens of on-line sites, I happened on a recipe for chocolate covered matzoh. The perfect tweak, it turned out, because not only is it easily prepared, it is over-the-top delicious! Addictively so. And when paired with a colorful trio of sorbet scoops… 

In this photo, the bowl of dessert matzoh is  side by side with a gravy boat holding freshly made apple/pear sauce, yet another recipe so simple and delicious it’s ridiculous not to make it every day! (saute peeled & sliced fruit in water until soft. drain. in a bowl, sprinkle with a small amount of sugar and mash with a fork)

And now the finale photo to the evening – a red wine stain on the hand stitched tablecloth.  

I’m sure it will wash out or at least fade through subsequent laundering.  Such is the risk of using a beautiful cloth, but better to use it with joy than to keep it stored in a drawer and out of sight. 

3 weeks left to enter the FABULOUS (not-a-contest) GIVEAWAY!

Tie One On…a vintage Christmas apron, of course!

Oh, which to tie on this Christmas eve? Perhaps a softly pleated waist apron with a holly berry and pine cone motif…

Aprons_vintage xmas 3 (Medium)

Poinsettias, embroidered or flocked, are always in style…

Aprons_vintage xmas 1 (Medium)

Maybe cotton or chintz, fancied up with rick rack…Aprons_vintage xmas 2 (Medium)

Then there are aprons with fabric so adorable, oh, how to choose…

Aprons_vintage xmas 4 (Medium)

Flocked panel aprons in different colors and designs…an apron change out is a must!

Aprons_vintage xmas flocked 6 (Medium)

As for me, I must wait one more day before tying on Jingle Belle

Aprons_vintage xmas jingle belle (Medium)

my one and only Christmas apron creation and jingling ’round the block to Heidi and Phil Marin’s home for a holiday dinner. To only wear this confection once a year is a pity – then again, what comes but once a year is also most anticipated.

Aprons_vintage xmas belle closeup (Medium)

As I imagine the women who once tied on the vintage Christmas aprons in my collection, I’m thinking of all y’all, and sending you and your families my best wishes for the merriment and rejoicing that is Christmas.



Hanukkah Jingle Bells

On the eighth night of Hanukkah, our tradition is to invite non-Jewish families to celebrate the final night of our holiday. Once the candle lighting and latke eating are over, we all sit in the living room, the glow of the menorah’s candles the only light, and sing the dreidel song. A child’s song, it’s easily adapted to a round, like row, row, row your boat, and within one go, everyone knows the words. As far as catchy holiday tunes go, the dreidel song is the Jewish Jingle Bells.

This year’s celebrants included Mimi, Isabelle and Amber, a trio clad in their Hanukkah aprons, and a rambunctious quintet of five little boys. Every year, I take a picture of each family, a photographic growth chart, which becomes a part of our collective history.

Menorahs are their own art form, with artists worldwide uniquely interpreting the 9-candle candelabra. Terrie and John, who joined us for night number six, gifted us with a ceramic menorah handcrafted in Mexico, which we filled with candles and lit night eight. They also brought a lovely merlot. Menorah & Merlot, my favorite M&M’s.

Tomorrow I’ll clean the menorah of candle drippings, put away the decorations and file the latke recipe. Next year, may our celebration be in a world at peace.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!