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THE APRON BOOK newly publishes November 7th as a beautifully designed softbound with the Foreword by Beth Livesay, a founding editor of apronology & Executive Editor of Nails Magazine

The Apron Book

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THE APRON BOOK Podcast Series


In conjunction with the release of a new edition of THE APRON BOOK - Author EllynAnne Geisel introduces some audio #ApronStories Listen in below:

  1. THE APRON BOOK: Podcast #1 – Apron Memories Author EllynAnne Geisel, foreword contributor Beth Livesay and producer/interviewer Tracy Wahl, formerly of npr, chat about their connection to aprons, the continuing relevance of aprons in today’s world, and connecting to the past while moving forward. 27 mins
  2. THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #2 – Judith Olson Gregory Installation artist Judith Olson Gregory was seeking an object through which to explore the word ‘Grace’, when she received an apron that ultimately inspired an exhibit. 4 mins
  3. THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #3 – Leslie Dodge The summer when Leslie Dodge was ten years old, her dad lost his job. Moving to another town and into a relative’s garage, Leslie brought with her a 4-H apron sewing project that was due at summer’s end. Taught by her mother and aunt the skills of homemaking, Leslie sewed and baked her way to much more than a winning ribbon at the county fair. 5 mins
  4. THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #4 – Erin Owens & Cristie Coffman A friendship forged decades ago over a love of cooking and entertaining, Erin Owens and Cristie Coffman maintain a special closeness despite Erin’s move to another state. Reuniting in Lubbock, they reminisce of family, friendship and aprons. 8 mins
  5. THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #5 – Ray Moore Ray Moore has loving memories of his grandmother. Always wearing her gingham apron, she showed him how to safely gather eggs from pecking chickens, then set the eggs gently into the lap of her apron. Focusing on her kind demeanor, Ray recalls the difficulty of her life and his last visit with her. 5 mins
  6. THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #6 – Cristie Coffman Cristie Coffman is a professional caterer, a career that requires apron coverage. But the apron she holds most dear is from her childhood – bright yellow gingham with a flower pot shaped pocket, sewn for her by her doting Grandma Lily. 3 mins
  7. THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #7 – Bennie Swanson While having lunch at her mom’s, Bennie Swanson opened a kitchen drawer and spotted the apron she’d sewn in her 1959 home ec class. Overwhelmed with emotion and memories, the apron reminds Bennie of her mom as a brave and beautiful woman who’d faced life’s challenges with a smile and a song. 4 mins
  8. THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #8 – Lynn Holle Moore Lynn Holle Moore inherited Grandmother Lynums aprons, as well as her hardy Norwegian spirit and instincts. Her grandmother’s aprons strengthen Lynn’s sense of heritage and roots, traits she shares in her writing and storytelling. 4 mins
  9. THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #9 – Erin Owens The women in Erin Owens’ family were renowned as good cooks and gracious hostesses, attributes Erin embodies. She is also a born storyteller, as evidenced in her colorful recollection of the miniature Coke bottle aprons she inherited from her mother. 4 mins
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Apron Story:

"Hi EllynAnne,
I wanted to share this photo with you. It was taken by my father at my grandparent Crawford”s house in Memphis, Tennessee on Christmas Day in the late 1950’s.

"My grandmother is standing next to my grandfather who is seated at the head of the table. My dad’s cousins are the other two ladies standing and all three women are dressed to the nines and wearing their freshly laundered and ironed ‘fancy’ aprons for the holidays.

My grandmother likely made them and embroidered the designs on them. I can almost smell the homemade yeast rolls on the table, along with all the pies I know are sitting in the kitchen waiting for their turn at the table. Oh to go back and rejoice in those days again.
Thank you for bringing back the memories!"

~ Christi Crawford-Partee
the Ozark Mtns, Arkansas

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Global Apron

Annie Collins (1875 – 1943) grew up in London and worked as a maid for the Harris family (Canadian manufacturer of agricultural machinery and co-founder of the Massey Harris Company, later Massey Ferguson).

Annie Collins

She moved to Paris to follow the Harris family. She married Jean Brass (valet de chambre for the Harris family). Annie and Jean followed their employers when they returned to Canada. The couple stayed in Canada for two years and decided to come back to France because the winters were too cold...   Read more...

EllynAnne's Appearance on CBS Sunday Morning:

Apron Chronicles:
A Patchwork of American Recollections

Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollection

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Rocky Mountain PBS: Vintage Colorado - Host Lisa Olken visits with author, historian, designer and apron archaeologist, EllynAnne Geisel.

Meet EllynAnne

EllynAnne Giesel
Since first tying on domestic armor 18 years ago, apron expert and essayist EllynAnne Geisel has gathered more than 600 aprons and apron memories from across America. She celebrates the spirit of the men and women who wore aprons through her traveling exhibit, Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections.  

Vintage Hospitality

“The hostess with a headache or with aching feet may not show the slightest sign of discomfort – lest this interfere with the pleasure of her guests.  American Cookery, Nov. 1929  - IMAGE COPYRIGHT APRON MEMORIES

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"EllynAnne Geisel is essentially a pioneer in the notion that we tell stories in fabric, in stitches.

When she arrived at NPR with The Apron Book -- and a sewing machine! -- I think she believed that since she hadn't been in a war zone, I wouldn't take her seriously. In fact, I wish people could see the stitching, knitting, tatting, piecing, and so on that go on in that very world.

There is something about telling stories in cloth. I believe in narrative; her work makes this three-dimensional, tactile, and intimate. Thank you, EllynAnne!"
~ Jacki Lyden, Host and Contributing Correspondent at NPR"

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EllynAnne at the Mercer Museum

"Oh, EllynAnne, I have tears in my eyes…I love my Apron! It’s beautiful, you are so creative! Even the packaging is a work of art..."Read more...

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